Friday, 2 October 2015

What a beauty

With all due respect to Richard's amazing pictures the real thing is so much more colourful. Apologies but I'm getting excited finding a Mallow amongst what seems to have been almost solid Lunar Underwings! Though I did have a Black Rustic yesterday. The Mallow was species number 138 for my garden this year in 167 overnight trapping and a grand total of 2062 moths. Which raises the issue - are these records of relevance and, if so, who should I send them to and in which format? At the moment they are in an excel spreadsheet.


  1. Tom
    Your records will be wanted by the county recorder for whichever vice county you are in.
    Dave is in the process of preparing information to let people know about submitting records and where to send them.
    For Bucks records I want everything from everybody, even just one record from the whole year!

  2. Dave has now added a tab "Your records" at the top of the blog home page. This is a stop-gap until a more comprehensive guide can be composed.
    If you are unsure about which vice county you are in (for all 3 counties there are variations from the administrative county boundaries) you can check via the following link . turn the appropriate vice county boundary on using the toggle/dropdown list below the left hand page. Then put your approximate grid ref in on the bottom right of the page, click on go and you'll be taken to an appropriate map. If the boundary doesn't show zoom out until it does.
    Then, if you've never submitted records before I suggest you contact the county recorder to see what they require.

  3. Anothr option for checking vice-county boundaries, and one that is perhaps a little simpler than the BNHS version, is:

    You can type in your postcode or grid reference and it will tell you which vice-county you're in.


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