Monday, 6 June 2016

A few queries

Although not in the same numbers, we've had a small influx of Plutella xylostella here in Wolvercote, Oxon., among some slightly improved catches in recent nights. A few individuals needing clarification, if possible: first, what looks like a Callisto denticulella from 3rd June; then, all from 4th June, a slightly colourful Common Carpet; a possible Crassa unitella; what I presume is a Lesser Treble-bar (together with abdomen shot, which I think confirms it); and what I guess is a very dark Mottled Rustic.The Callisto would be a garden first - many thanks for all thoughts.

Steve and Xander Goddard

Possible Callisto denticulella, 3/6/16

Presumed Common Carpet, 4/6/16

Possible Crassa unitella, 4/6/16

Possible Lesser Treble-bar, 4/6/16

Possible Lesser Treble-bar, 4/6/16

Possible Mottled Rustic, 4/6/16


  1. Hello Steve & Xander, the last picture is not good enough to give an ID for but the others are Callisto denticulella, Small Seraphim, Glyphipterix sp (needs a much brighter image to confirm but probably thrasonella) and Lesser Treble-bar.

  2. Brilliant - many thanks, as ever, Dave. We had a Mottled Rustic last night, so they're around.


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