Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A macro and a micro

We were looking forward to quite a warm night's mothing in Wolvercote, Oxon., earlier - that was before the thunderstorm kicked in. The trap's out anyway, but later than planned, and I don't expect anything great. Last few nights have been OK, though: not huge numbers, but measurably up on most of the year, with a welcome appearance by Grass Rivulet and some first records on the year of Garden Carpet, Common Wainscot and Dark Arches. A couple of puzzlers, both from 6th June: a micro for which I'm guessing at Bactra lancealana (about 10mm long, which is on the largeish side); and what I thought at first was a Spruce Carpet, but have moved towards May Highflyer. Any thoughts very welcome!

Steve and Xander Goddard

Possible Bactra lancelana, 6/6/16

Possible May Highflyer, 6/6/16


  1. Hi Steve & Xander, yes to Bactra lancealana and May Highflyer.


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