Sunday, 26 June 2016

Back in the game

Finally got the Robinson trap up and running again after a few months out of action. I was hoping the experts could help with my tentative id of these which I have down as Uncertain (almost certain!), Common Pug (not convinced) and Hoary Footman (fairly certain - even though the latter is mainly a coastal species). Any help much appreciated!


  1. Hi Alastair, I'm sure you are correct with the first two, while the Footman looks like a candidate for Hoary but would need closer inspection (hindwings as per the field guide, if not dissection). Don't forget to mention whereabouts you are trapping - I think you are not far from Reading and Berkshire has had a resident population of Hoary Footman for quite a few years. It seems to be slowly spreading northwards in the other two counties now too.

  2. Thanks Dave - yes sorry forgot to mention - caught in my garden in Sonning. I have caught Hoary Footman here once before, so reasonably confident of the id, but didn't
    realise about hindwings. Will set trap again tonight and see if I can re-trap!

  3. The first one could possibly be a Rustic as it has a slightly greyer tinge to it and it looks a little shiny from the image, but you are probably correct in your id. I agree with Dave about the Common Pug.


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