Tuesday, 7 June 2016

COAM Moths

Left a storage box trap with a light attached after work yesterday at COAM. Quite a few moths were still hanging around when I went to pick it up this morning, and (nothwithstanding a large number of Treble Lines and Diamond-back Moths) my year list was improved to the tune of Light Emerald, Ingrailed Clay, White-pinion Spotted, White Ermine, Clouded Silver, Purple Bar, Udea olivalis, Scalloped Hazel, Scorched Wing, Nematopogon swammerdamella, Knot Grass, Middle-barred Minor, Crambus lathionellus, Common Carpet, Small Rivulet, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Setaceous Hebrew Charater, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, Rustic Shoulder-knot, Straw Dot and Small Blood-vein.

I am going to ask, however, for some confirmations and ids on a few things:

1) Is this Rustic Shoulder-knot? I had some nice clean ones at COAM but this is from my garden.
2) Pine or Grey Pine?
3) Is this Dusky Brocade or something else?
4) Hiding in a dark corner; the forewings are completely devoid of pattern so hopefully someone recognises the hindwings?
5) Running out of ideas here
6) Finally a micro on the off-chance...

Dave Morris - Seer Green & Chalfont St Giles


  1. I would say 1 and 3 are Large Nutmeg, 2 is Pine Carpet, 4 maybe Willow Beauty and 5 Mottled Rustic.

  2. Thanks Dave! I was looking at Mottled Rustic pics and not seeing this for some reason.

  3. I'm not convinced that 2 is Pine Carpet. It is a bit faded, but I don't think either wing shows the deep indentation that should be present on the inner side of the median band. Particularly the wing towards the bottom of the picture. Do you still have it?

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have it. It returned to the trap last night, so I may yet see it again!

  4. No it's not a Pine Carpet, it looks like a Grey Pine Carpet. The last one is one of the Swammerdamias.

    1. Thanks Peter. The micro went as well, so neither retained nor a better pic.


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