Monday, 20 June 2016

Currant Clearwing

Last week I decided to visit some old currant bushes in the allotments next to Brasenose Wood with my pheremone lures on the way home from Nuffied Hospital. I tried this patch years ago when i used to live in Oxford and never had any luck, but this time I was in for a real treat. Lure out and I noticed a male clearwing crawling on some leaves nearby but not coming to the lure. I caught him and thought nothing more of it, though retrospectively it was a bit odd. I had another go half an hour later and saw in the very same spot a freshly emerged female presenting and had a second male come to the lure. Marc Botham, Didcot

Male (top) and female (bottom) Currant Clearwing, Brasenose allotments, 15/06/16

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I've had most of the lures out in my garden at some time or other over the past couple of weeks but there's been no sign of life around them. I went to a known site in north Bucks for Red-tipped but had no joy (this was at the beginning of June so possibly too early). Searches of poplar bases haven't (up to yesterday, anyway) produced any evidence of Hornet Moth emergences locally although the moths have been seen elsewhere. A sallow log with Lunar Hornet workings which I acquired from some local felling a month or two back hasn't produced anything yet either. Clearwings are always hard work!


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