Sunday, 5 June 2016


First time trapping in garden in 8 nights.  Single Robinson MV:  385 Plutella xylostella, 1 gamma, 60 other moths, 27 species.  Other Plutella totals?



  1. I'm up in Sutherland right now and have been stirring up around 20 xylostella's per square yard in the heather. Seems to be even more up here. It's making any search for micros during the daytime really tricky. I ran the trap here on my first night, but it doesn't get fully dark until just after midnight and last night was chilly, so only 16 in the trap come morning.

  2. Garden Westcott, Bucks:
    30th: None (but I did get 10 at College Lake)
    31st: 52
    1st: 45
    2nd: 6
    3rd: 19
    Haven't checked last night's trap yet but there are certainly some.

  3. Peter your comment about more in the north backed up by the report on Atropos FA of 600 etc. on South Uist. There must be billions of them ! Martin

  4. Some in the air at yesterdays BBOWT event outside the Pitt Rivers and scores in the grass as I walked around Garsington yesterday afternoon.


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