Thursday, 23 June 2016

help with IDs please

hi, I'll probably do a couple of posts.

In this one I thought originally I'd got Chilo phragmitella but I want to be sure

then - not sure - maybe it's not fully expanded the wings?

finally a couple of micros I'm struggling with - both of which flew off before I could get a size

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hello Mark, maybe someone else would like to comment as I find that the large reed-feeding micros can sometimes be quite difficult to tell apart. To me your specimen looks more like a female Schoenobius gigantella. I suppose you are not all that far from the Thames but Garsington isn't exactly well known for its reed-beds, so a good catch whichever it is! The last picture is of a Spilonota, either ocellana or laricana.

  2. I would agree with S. gigantella female.

  3. thanks Gents, I was hoping I'd got S.gigantella but seeing as I'd got Chilo phragmitella last year I thought I might be pushing my luck. I rechecked the Chilo photo and it's well marked and spot on some photos - plus Peter confirmed it so it looks as if I've now had both. Interesting. I think there are some reeds at the "gizzle" (the large village pond) but that is some way off. I think I've also had some of the reed eating Wainscots so maybe there is a reed bed somewhere.


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