Saturday, 11 June 2016

Micro ID's

After 11 nights in Crete I came back home to a much busier moth trap, on Wednesday June 1st my year total stood at 65 species. Now just 9 days later it is 117 species. A couple of interesting moths on Thursday, my first ever Alder Moth that looks like f suffusa, also a Knotgrass maybe the dark, s salicis form?
Alder Moth, f suffusa?
Knotgrass, f salicis
Also got 2 micros I will be grateful of help with, I think the first is Tinea pallescentella, it has a WL of 8mm,
Tinea pallescentella?
And the second looks like a Cydia, closest I can come up with is illutana but it says very local the field guide so probably wrong. FW length is 5mm.
Cydia ?
Like every one else I'm still getting invaded by Diamondbacks, 32 in the trap last night, but a lot more all around the garden. Lacking in HawkMoths here, only 2 Poplars this year so far

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.



  1. Hi Darren, Tineid looks like Cork Moth to me maybe? BW, Marc

  2. Hi Darren, the two macros are correct. I agree with Marc that your tineid is probably a worn example of something like Triaxomera parasitella or Nemapogon cloacella, so if you want a definitive ID it would need to be kept for Peter (as does the Cydia - there are two or three look-alikes).

  3. Ok thank you Marc and Dave, il keep both for the chop.


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