Monday, 6 June 2016

New moth for Dancersend list

I think I've finally added a new moth to the list of 733 recorded at BBOWT Dancersend Reserve with this Raspberry Moth Lampronia corticella spotted this afternoon when surveying plants. I'd be grateful for confirmation.

Not a brilliant photo I'm afraid!
Mick Jones


  1. Well done, you have added a new species for the reserve.
    Only the third Bucks record and the first since 1997.
    I suspect there must be more about, but not often seen.
    Do you have much raspberry on the reserve? If you have a nice patch could be worth trying for another new species - Raspberry Clearwing.

    1. Yes, Wild Raspberry very extensive - in fact we collected seed for the Millenium Seed Bank last year. Do I need a pheremone lure to attract the clearwing?

  2. You can look for the galls they cause, but a pheromone may be best.
    I'd be happy to come up with pheromones at a suitable time.


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