Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Possible Ingrailed Clay and some mystery micros

Last night's garden trap attracted 152 moths of around 58 species. Although a common moth, I have never seen an Ingrailed Clay but I wondered if the moth below was a candidate.

There were some tricky micros (well, tricky for me anyway) and I wondered if the 2 below are identifiable from their picture. I thought the top one might be Epiblema scutulana?

Finally, the Scoparids always cause me trouble but am I correct in thinking the top one is Eudonia lacustrata and the lower one Scoparia ambigualis?

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Hello Steve, yes to Ingrailed Clay. Of the micros the first photo is a little dark to be sure but I think it is probably Notocelia trimaculana (rosaecolana is the other possibility). At least the yellow one is easy - that is Mompha ochraceella. The two Scoparids are again rather dark to be sure but the choice is between Eudonia mercurella and Eudonia lacustrata for both (I think you possibly have one of each, in that order).

  2. I agree with Mister Wilton's id's. The markings point towards trimaculana.

  3. Thanks Dave and Peter - a couple of new micros for the garden list.


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