Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Unidentified larva on broad bean leaves

I would be grateful if anyone could identify this larva I found today at the PYO farm in Iver, Bucks today. It is about 25mm long and I found it on broad beans I was picking there for my freezer.  I have brought it home but it's not yet showing any interest in the broad bean leaves I've given it. 
Also there were numerous diamond-backs, maybe it's just as well they don't grow any brassicas.


  1. Very distinctive, isn't it? I wonder if it might be half-grown larva of Chamomile Shark, in which case it might appreciate the flowers of chamomile or feverfew. If it is Chamomile Shark it would also be a good record for Bucks.

  2. Thanks very much, Dave, it is indeed a Chamomile Shark (Cucullia chamomillae). I see it also feeds on scentless mayweed flowers, loads of which were growing all round the broad beans I found it on. I will go back to the farm this morning as soon as they open to get some mayweed flowers; they will be pleased to hear it feeds on those and not their broad beans.


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