Friday, 3 June 2016

Yellow Belle?

I found this moth lurking around in my garden shed on Thursday here in central Oxford. I took some rather poor snaps of it and then released it thinking that it was something relatively common. However, when today I got round to trying to ID it, the only match that I can come up with is Yellow Belle which is a coastal species. I've compared it with on-line images and it seems to match and looking in past records for the recording area it does seem to occur but I'd be interested to know how rare a record this is.

Adam Hartley

Yellow Belle
Also, I found this little chap on a Buttercup whilst out on a walk in Kennington (along with oodles of Diamond-backed Moths). I'm guessing that it's Micropterix calthella but would appreciate confirmation.

Micropterix calthella?


  1. Hello Adam, yes that is Yellow Belle and I suggest your county recorder would be quite interested in the sighting.

    Of particular importance when it comes to unusual moths like this, can I stress the need for everyone to please add their location somewhere in the message because the blog covers such a large area (three different vice-counties). It would also be helpful to add your name at the end, for the reason given under the 'Getting Started' tab.

  2. Sorry about that Dave, I'm normally quite good about that. I've edited the post now and I'll pass the info on to Martin

  3. I should also have mentioned that the other pic is certainly good for Micropterix calthella - there are plenty of them around at the moment for anyone with the time or inclination to inspect buttercup flowers, particularly in wooded areas.

  4. I'd just like to add that this appears to be the first VC23 record. From what Adam tells me, it could well have been atttracted to his light trap, but was probably a stray or hitched a lift somehow (not necessarily with Adam, of course). Its at Greenham Common but I know of no other sites for it in our area.


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