Friday, 21 July 2017

Catch up IDs

from the past week, here are some (hopefully) for confirmation.

Elachista argentella

Knot Grass (a different from the previous one. This one got a bit agitated and although it's incredibly blurry and in a pot that I should have retired you can see the hindwings are brown with a black border)

 Blastobasis adustella (this one looked a bit different)

 Phycita roborella

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. I can't make out if your first one has eye caps or not. It's either argentella as you think, or salaciella. The other id's are correct. Adustella has many variations in colour.

  2. I'm sure the top ones show Opostega salaciella, not least because the palps should be clearly visible if it was an Elachistid. Also, Elachista argentella is a moth of May and June and should be well over by now.

  3. I was just referring to Sterling & Parsons who state argentella is early May to early August

  4. Unfortunately that's not reflected in the Bucks records. Out of well over 100 records for argentella they are all in May and June apart from one (of mine, as it happens) on 7th July.

  5. thanks for the comments - I've sent the photos to Martin Corley see what he makes of them.

  6. just to let everyone know that Martin Corley, our micro recorder has confirmed it is Opostega salaciella


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