Thursday, 6 July 2017

Designer micro

Just to report that I have joined the Agapeta zoegana posse, like others experiencing it in my trap for the first time. I guess its designation as 'common' in Sterling, Parson and Lewington needs to be balanced by their further note that it only occasionally comes to light. What a lovely moth, with that ying-yang arrangement of banana split colours (as in Trebor chews).  Among many other things (vast numbers of Mother of Pearls especially), it was also good to have both Small and Common Emerald last night.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon.


  1. It comes readily to light, I guess you just don't have many in your garden area.

  2. I find that it is more of a chalk grass-land species so I'm always pleasantly surprised when it turns up in my garden, as it does a couple of times each year (last night included!).

  3. Another one came last night, so maybe they've moved in here.


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