Saturday, 8 July 2017

Dioryctria sylvestrella?

Could I have an opinion as to the identification of the attached. Thankyou
Steve Lockey  (Garsington)


  1. Can you give an accurate wing length or wingspan please?

  2. Peter,as you can see it was on the leaves when I went out and I took a quick shot. examining the size of the plant and my photo I can only estimate I'm afraid. 15-20mm I would say.

  3. I am asking because there are 2 bigger ones and 2 smaller ones (4 species in total for the UK). That sounds like one of the bigger ones which means it is either abietella or sylvestrella and judging by the sub-terminal lines squiggles, yours is abietella

  4. Thanks Peter, Abietella it is. A few to many squiggles!.


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