Wednesday, 19 July 2017

'Ear' moth

An 'Ear' moth flew in to the bathroom last night.  I know that 'Ear' moths require dissection for species identification but was wondering whether Bucks ever gets any of the other species other than Ear?  I know all the ones I have had dissected have been Ear moth.  Also is flight date any help in distinguishing Ear from the other three?

Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom


  1. No other Ear moths recorded for Bucks.
    Ear flight period covers all the others flight periods, so doesn't really help. Current distribution maps suggest it unlikely to be in Bucks.
    If you ever have a specimen that doesn't look "usual" then probably worth keeping for further inspection. From a records point of view it is good to have a specimen from a site checked occasionally to provide verified Ear records.

  2. OK thanks Martin. I've had Ears checked in the past so will probably let this one go as it looks standard.

  3. Early ones should be Ear as it is likely to be out a bit before the others. Best to keep later ones and perhaps have a surprise.


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