Monday, 17 July 2017

More photos from Chalk grassland site near Loudwater

Further to Dave Wilton's recent post about our recent trip to a small private chalk grassland site near Loudwater in South Bucks.  I'm still working on the species list, but it is looking like it will be over 150.  A few more photos of species we found.

Oncocera semirubella
Clouded Magpie
Sitochroa palealis
And last but not least the very large ichneumon, Stauropoctonus bombycivorus.  This is a scarce species with records mainly from the New Forest.  It was first recorded in Bucks in 2015, there were 3 records in 2016.   There have been two records so far in 2017, so it will be interesting to see if it is increasing.  This is a large species (over 20mm body length with antennae at least as long again), the largest you are likely to see at a moth trap, and has distinctive markings.  I will be interested to hear of any other sightings.  A good photo or specimen will be needed to confirm the record as this group are notoriously difficult.

Stauropoctonus bombycivorus

Neil Fletcher

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