Monday, 17 July 2017

New Six-belted Clearwing site?

A couple of weeks ago I was carrying out some maintenance on the spit at Little Marlow GP.  I was aware of the large amounts of Bird's-foot Trefoil in flower, so today, whilst doing some more maintenance, I took my pheromone lures with me.  Sure enough, within a minute a couple of Six-belted Clearwings arrived.

I think this must be a new dot in the atlas for them? SU878875.

Also, one other query, A Large Tabby flew in to the lounge on the 9th of July - how are these doing in Bucks nowadays?

Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom

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  1. The Bucks database has 60 records, 20 since 2010. Most recorders only see it once a year. Widespread sites.


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