Friday, 14 July 2017

Not a moth, but might come to your moth trap

Oryctes nasicornis European Rhinoceros beetle turned up at a garden moth trap in Chenies, Bucks (just east of Amersham) about a week ago.  Thanks to Joanne Carter for letting me post this record and picture.
 This is probably an introduced species and there are very few records for it, but it might become established.  Difficult to miss if it is in your trap as it can be up to 6.5cm long.  This is a male as it has a horn.  Apart from the horn females are similar.
A leading dung beetle expert is very excited by this sighting!
If you are lucky enough to find one please let us know.
There is a bit more information about the species at

Just to avoid getting into trouble I'll also mention that Jo has had a Clouded Magpie in her garden trap.

Martin Albertini, Bucks moth recorder

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  1. Nice one! I think I'd get excited too if something like that turned up in my moth trap - here's hoping!!


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