Saturday, 29 July 2017

On for 400?

Although overnight conditions haven't been especially good on recent nights in our garden in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, the year list has steadily increased, with a series of reasonably substantial catches and a few species which are by no means guaranteed to be annual: Pebble Hook-tip last night and Lime-speck Pug on the previous one are good examples. The year-list has now edged over 300, and I'm wondering whether 400 is a realistic prospect by the end of the year - although we're away for a few chunks of August, which may slow things up.

Pebble Hook-tip, 28/7/17
The two moths below, from the last two nights, would both be year-ticks if they're what I suspect - they would also be species which didn't show up last year, which is a pattern which has applied throughout this year. I wonder whether this first individual is a Dusky Brocade - although I wouldn't rule out a slightly unusual-looking Flounced Rustic, which has just started showing up in the last few days.

Possible Dusky Brocade, 27/7/17
The second one is, I think, one of two species which I have a sense used to occur more often: Campion (not seen since 2015) and Lychnis (absent since 2014). My sense is that this is more likely to be Lychnis, given what I think I can see of the outermost cross-line, and the impression I have that the kidney mark and oval are separated - does that seem likely to the experts on here?

Possible Lychnis, 28/7/17
Steve Goddard


  1. Common/Lesser Common Rustic (Mesapamea secalis/didyma) aggregate I think Steve and yes to Lychnis, at least looks like it to me.

  2. Thanks, Marc -- Common/Lesser Common Rustic can't half be a nuisance... Thanks re. Lychnis, I think that seems right. Nice to have one back after a few years.


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