Thursday, 27 July 2017

Rather attractive little moth!

Not a large haul here in Longwick last night. No migrants but a few crowd pleasers such as Black Arches, Magpie and Pebble Hook-tip.New for the garden was this Dichomeris marginella. A very attractive little moth!


  1. There are 60 or so records of this smart little micro in Bucks and, contrary to what you might expect, by far the majority are from gardens rather than those sites in the Chilterns where wild juniper grows. I have some growing in my garden too but the moth has yet to find it!

  2. I remember getting one years ago when I first moved into my current house that had two large juniper shrubs. I have since removed the junipers and not surprisingly not seen the moth since

  3. I don't have any juniper- but do have Yew. Either way a cracking little moth - one of those you know instantly from reading the field guides!


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