Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sibford Tuesday night

A surprisingly good catch on Tuesday night with 100 species resulted in Scorched Carpet, Bordered Beauty and Acleris forsskaleana being added to the garden list along with what I identified as Prochoreutis myllerana and then released it before realising it might need dissection for confirmation.

Prochoreutis myllerana?

Scorched Carpet

Acleris forsskaleana

Further interest was added by what I think is a female Stag beetle and a very large ichneumon .

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. Hello Andy, I think that picture is good enough to confirm Prochoreutis myllerana (although it would be worth seeking Martin Corley's views). The moth first came onto my radar last year when I saw quite a few of them so it may have undergone a significant expansion - unless I'd simply been overlooking it amongst all the Nettle-taps!

    I think your beetle is more likely to be the Lesser Stag Dorcus parallelipipedus rather than Lucanus cervus but it would need someone who knows more about beetles than me to pronounce on that one. I don't know what your ichneumon wasp is but Neil Fletcher may perhaps have a suggestion or two - do you have any better images and how large was "very large"?! It doesn't appear to be Stauropoctonus bombycivorus which Neil posted a picture of here a week or two back.

  2. Thank you. I have been in contact with Martin Corley. The Ichneumon was probably about 2cm in length but I only got the one poor shot of it on the edge of the trap before it flew off.

  3. Having just looked at the online natural history museum guide to identifying Ichneumons it looks as if it could be Opheltes glaucopterus.

  4. The beetle looks like a Lesser Stag to me. They have Matt black wing cases, whereas Stags have a dark chestnut sheen.


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