Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Slow but steady (plus one from elsewhere)

Nothing spectacular of late from our garden in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, but a continuation of reasonable catches since our return from holiday last week. A few species which are always worth seeing:

Black Arches, 23/7/17

Brown-line Bright-eye, 23/7/17

Small Phoenix, 23/7/17
Also a few uncertainties, some from before we went away: I'm pretty sure this is a Double Lobed, although I'm aware of having had trouble with this before:

Presumed Double Lobed, 13/7/17
This looks like a Eucosma species, but perhaps not the usual cana:

Possible Eucosma sp., 23/7/17
And I think the following are probably Epiblema foenella, Morophaga choragella and possibly Stenoptilia pterodactyla (it could just be a slightly beaten-up Emmelina monodactyla), but would welcome confirmation or other suggestions.

Probable Epiblema foenella, 8/7/17

Probable Morophaga choragella, 8/7/17

Possible Stenoptilia pterodactyla, 8/7/17
I mentioned being on holiday last week: we were on the Greek island of Corfu, and just before going, I acquired a light, portable trap, which I tried running overnight while we were there. The results were OK, but not spectacular - I think there was a lot of light pollution in the resort we were in - and I haven't yet had time to process the various photos I took, but the specimen below was perhaps the most memorable: a Striped Hawkmoth. I think I'll be waiting a long time before one of those turns up in my garden trap here...

(NOT from Oxfordshire!) Striped Hawkmoth, Kassiopi, Corfu, 20/7/17
Steve Goddard


  1. Double Lobed and Epiblema foenella are certainly correct, Steve.


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