Monday, 10 July 2017

Some Queries

I think I must be over-mothed because I don't get that 100% feeling with these 2.  Any help would be welcome.  The Fan-foot was taken in Newport Pagnell by a friend at her Robinson trap last week and the LBJ at Linford Lakes Nature Reserve on 5th July at a 40W Actinic.
I tried some sugaring a few nights back at Linford Lakes after quite a few failed attempts in the past and was delighted to find 5 Old Lady moths on one post and 4 Herald moths on another.  Copper Underwings also enjoyed my concoction.  Others attending the party were Smoky Wainscot, Light Arches, White Satin Moth, Dark Umber, Yellow Shell and Large Yellow Underwing.

Thanks in anticipation

Gordon Redford

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  1. Gordon
    You have a Fan-foot and, I think, a Rustic


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