Saturday, 8 July 2017

Two micros

Having just read Steve Lockley's post I thought I would post two photos of a Dioryctria which I caught on the night of 5/6th July. I thought it was sylvestrella. The f/w was 16mm.

This other micro caught last night, which I thought would be easy to ID, has me completely baffled. F/w 8mm.

Dave Ferguson, Beaconsfield


  1. The second one is Tachystola acroxantha Dave

    1. Thanks Adam. I'd actually just found it in the book.

  2. Separating abietella form sylvestrella is very tricky, even on wing pattern, where you are looking at the sub-terminal line, for fairly small differences. I have stopped trying to identify females via dissection, but sylvestrella males parts are very different from the other 3 species, which helps. Your image looks a good candidate for sylvestrella to my eyes at least.


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