Sunday, 2 July 2017

Westcott, Bucks

Further garden sightings here which add to this year's list have included the following:

28th June
Blastobasis adustella, Brown-line Bright-eye
29th June
Caloptilia semifascia, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Waved Black
30th June
Shaded Broad-bar, Lesser Yellow Underwing
1st July
Epermenia chaerophyllella, Agriphila straminella, Acrobasis advenella, Lesser Cream Wave

A second Muslin Footman appeared on the 29th (only the fourth garden record) but I've yet to see its more common stable-mate the Round-winged Muslin this year.  Last night a second Ethmia dodecea appeared, this time quite a dark example.  Lesser Cream Wave seems to be one to watch because our colleagues in Bedfordshire have remarked on how rare it is there now.   It still seems to be encountered fairly regularly in Bucks where there are 70-odd records just from the current decade.

Ethmia dodecea, Westcott 1st July

Lesser Cream Wave, Westcott 1st July

Common Footman has exploded into life over the past few nights, while Heart and Dart seems to be having quite a good year with 1,108 recorded in the garden by the end June, nearly twice last year's final total for the year of 629.

There have been a few good migrants around over the past week but all that my garden has been able to muster is Dark Sword-grass (two on 30th June and one more last night).

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks 


  1. Despite having a thriving population of Muslin Footman here (55 last year and 20 so far this year) I have yet to see a single Round-winged Muslin.

  2. I've just chalked up my first ever Lesser Cream Wave, but just outside Bucks in Tring. So, it would seem to be scarce in S E Bucks and Western Herts, at least. But I think it's worth saying that it's a pretty unremarkable insect, easily mistaken for one of the similar Waves and therefore quite possibly under-recorded.


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