Monday, 6 July 2015

A Couple of Oxford Micros for Confirmation

I've got a couple of micros for confirmation from my central Oxford garden from a couple of nights ago as well as a worn one that I hope someone can pin down.

Coleophora trifolii
Scoparia subfusca - I didn't measure it but it was big, I was even wondering whether it was actual a macro moth
Acrobasis species? - probably too worn
I'd also like to be a bit cheeky and re-present a couple from my previous posting which have yet to be identified. I managed to find some more photos from different angles which might help the house experts get a handle on them.

Dichrorampa plumbagana?
..from a new angle

Aethes cnicana or rubigana?
...from a new angle
If I still have no joy then I'll accept defeat gracefully!


A better photo showing the antennae


  1. I'm trying to see the antennae on the Coleophorid. It looks white tipped with no thickening towards the base, but it's not clear enough (Looks more like alcyonipennella/frishella). Any better photos of that bit?The Acrobasis is advenella and the last one is a battered rubigana. Oh and that looks like subfusca.

  2. Thanks very much for that Peter. I've added a clearer photo of the Coleophorid for you. Thanks for the other ID's. I take it that the possible Dichrorampa plumbagana is just not do-able then?

  3. The Dichrorampha may well be do-able, it's just that I always chop them personally. Mister Wilton may well chip in when he's back from Homefield Wood. Your Coleophorid also needs the same, to make sure it is alcyonipennella rather than the rarer frischella. Let me know if you want that done.

  4. Thanks Peter. Unfortunately I haven't kept either moth so there are no chopping possibilities.


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