Sunday, 5 July 2015

A few micros

As suggested in the last post, here are a few micros from late June in Wolvercote, Oxon, whose ID has been proving a headache. With apologies for the numbers - I'll try to limit them in future posts - we have: what might be some species of Acrobasis from 28th June; a Pammene species from 27th June, about 7mm long - regiana seems likeliest, but I wonder about trauniana; a possible Scoparia subfusca from 27th June; what might be a Tineola bisselliella from 26th June, although finding that outside seems unlikely; an unknown crambid from 21st June; an unknown but quite well-marked specimen from 27th June; and a very small individual - about 4mm long - from 26th June (which I suspect might turn out not to be a moth at all). All suggestions gratefully received.

Steve and Xander Goddard

Possible Acrobasis sp., 28/6/15

Pammene sp., 27/6/15

Possible Scoparia subfusca, 27/6/15

Possible Tineola bisselliella, 26/6/15

Unknown crambid, 21/6/15

Unknown micro, 27/6/15

Is it even a moth? 26/6/15


  1. Hello again, the first is Nephopterix angustella, the second looks like Pammene populana, the third is a scoparid beyond hope (but not subfusca), the fourth you could well be correct with, the fifth is a bit worn but possibly Eudonia mercurella, the sixth is either Epiblema trimaculana or Epiblema rosaecolana and the seventh is certainly a very nice moth (a nepticulid and looks to me like Ectoedemia decentella).

  2. Many thanks again, Dave! -- a few more coming up, I'm afraid.


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