Monday, 6 July 2015

A few more Wolvercote specimens

Here are a few from 3rd July in Oxon, our best night so far this year by some way, most of which we have, at least, some idea for - even if not much in some cases. First of all, what looks like an Acleris aspersana; then a possible Eudonia murana; a possible Phyllocnistis xenia; what looks like a Batia lunaris; what I'm pretty sure is a Morophaga choragella; and finally a micro which looks eminently identifiable, but which I can't work out at all - I have a few photos from other angles if it's not easy to sort out from this one. As ever, many thanks for any help on these - it's looking like the 3rd may be our biggest ever catch in terms of numbers of species (though not, by quite some way, in terms of actual individuals).

Steve and Xander Goddard

Possible Acleris aspersana, 3/7/15

Possible Eudonia murana, 3/7/15

Possible Phyllocnistis xenia, 3/7/15

Possible Batia lunaris, 3/7/15

Presumed Morophaga choragella, 3/7/15

Unknown micro, 3/7/15


  1. I think your aspersana looks like a female Clepsis consimillana, your Eudonia E. lacustrata and the unknown micro Phtheochroa inopiana. BW, Marc

  2. ...and I should add that if you look at the distribution map for Eudonia murana in the micro book you'll see why it won't be that species. It always pays to read the text as well as looking at the pictures when trying to ID an unknown.

    1. Those which Marc didn't mention are a probable Lyonetia clerkella and you are correct with Batia lunaris & Morophaga choragella.

  3. Thanks both, and point taken, Dave.


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