Saturday, 11 July 2015

A few uncertain macros...

From the last few days in Wolvercote, Oxon, some macros we think we've identified, but aren't quite certain of: confirmation or other suggestions would be welcome. The first, from 10th July, looks to be a form of July Highflyer; the second, from 7th July is perhaps a Dingy Shears; the third, from 10th July, is hopefully a Double Lobed; the fourth, from 6th July, looks like a Mottled Beauty; and mainly on the basis of the dark markings on its torso, the fifth, from 7th July, looks like a Slender Brindle.

Steve and Xander Goddard

Presumed July Highflyer, 10/7/15

Possible Dingy Shears, 7/7/15

Possible Double Lobed, 10/7/15

Presumed Mottled Beauty, 6/7/15

Presumed Slender Brindle, 7/7/15


  1. The third is Common Rustic Steve.

  2. or rather Common Rustic aggregate

  3. Damn! -- I suspected as much, but thought the markings a bit unusual. I'm guessing the others are all as identified? Thanks, both.

  4. Yes, the others are as given, Steve. Double Lobed is one of those moths that "you'll know when you see it" (I know, not very helpful!) because the boundary between the light and dark areas is very pronounced. I'm intrigued to know why you added the Mottled Beauty picture because that is an image of a classic specimen!

  5. It's silly, really,, as I've had Double Lobed before -- just not this year; I expect I probably just wanted it to be...! Re. Mottled Beauty, I really posted it because I'm not wildly confident in my ability to ID the species, and needed definite confirmation...


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