Friday, 24 July 2015

Argyrotaenia ljungiana and some unknowns

I have been making an effort this year to capture all the tiny micros that hide at the bottom of the moth trap. Of course, I then have the challenge of trying to identify them all. The first micro pictured below I think I recognise from last summer as Argyrotaenia ljungiana?

Below are 4 further micros that I would like some help with, as I have failed so far to put a name to them. The first of the 4 has a fw measuring 7mm, while the remaining 3 have fws of 6mm.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Good morning Steve, Yes to ljungiana, the next looks like a Spilonota. If you have larch nearby keep it for the next posting, if you don't it will be ocellana, then you have what looks like a tatty Rhopobota naevana based on wing posture, then one of the Swammerdamias that I can't tell apart, it's either albicapitella or nebulella, finally you have Lobesia abscisana.

  2. Many thanks Peter. Hopefully I should recognise Rhopobota naevana next time with its distinctive wing shape. Dave Morris posted a picture of one back on 17 July, and as Dave Wilton commented at the time it is one of the most requested micro ids at this time of year! All part of the learning process.
    I'll save the Swammerdamia.


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