Monday, 6 July 2015

Bernwood July 4th

With the prospect of it staying mild in the SE, I ventured back to Bucks again and met up with Dave Wilton, where we ran 5 mv lights in 3 parts of the wood - including Bernwood Meadows. And it did stay mild and the moon largely obscured by the trees apart from the Meadows area.  The combined list came to 176 species split between exactly 100 macros and 76 micros, with a few Pugs, Minors and a good number of micros still to id later. I expect the micros to also hit 3 figures in the end. Traps were busy, at times very busy especially in the Oakley Wood section. Some nice moths put in an appearance: Stars of the show were 2 Lappet moths, then we had Scarlet Tiger, Small Black Arches, Orange, Double Dart, Common Fan-foot, Poplar Lutestring, Rosy Footman including the yellow form flava. Micros included Phtheochroa inopiana, which is doing very well this year, with well over 40 individuals trapped. It feeds on Common Fleabane. Peter Hall
Bernwood Forest: Blackneck

Bernwood Forest: Freshly emerged July Highflyer

Bernwood Forest: Lappet

Bernwood Forest: Rosy Footman - normal and ab. flava

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