Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bradenham and Green Farm July 23rd

Did a bit of Striped Lychnis surveying today at both places, together with Messrs Wilton and Albertini. Highlight for me was seeing my first larva - a first instar around the flower tip - settling down to take a photo and then getting stung by a wasp. I'd knelt right next to a Common Wasp ground nest. Usain Bolt eat your heart out. Whilst surveying I also spotted the moth Sitochroa palealis and a little later Mister Wilton pointed out a Dusky Sallow. Plenty of other day fliers including Agriphila straminella, Shaded Broad-bar, Pyrausta aurata and a plethora of plumes. Peter Hall

Bradenham: Sitochroa palealis

Bradenham: Dusky Sallow

Green Farm: Striped Lychnis larva

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