Thursday, 9 July 2015

Burial Park Scoparid Help!!

This morning's trap at the Burial Park was pretty much full of scopraids of presumably several species. We did have some other stuff as well, but I'm going to ask for help on a few of them (those that were easiest to photograph and didn't fly away as soon as the eggbox came out of the trap).

So, please, the following: the second one was a fair bit bigger than the others...

 Also, this small "wave". A random scoparid for size comparison.

I also a garden micros that I'd appreciate some help on...

 (The garden trap included a couple of "new for year" species in the shape of Yellow-tail and Scarce Footman).

Dave Morris


  1. Well, I'll have a go at the first four, expecting to be contradicted! I think mercurella, ambigualis/basistrigalis (chop if you're trying to make it the latter), mercurella again, Common Wave (there are some small ones about). I'm afraid nothing springs immediately to mind for the last one.

  2. Might the second Scop down just be a worn pyralella? Bottom one Depressaria something.... radiella, chaerophyllae, ultimella, etc. Get it chopped. I'll do it Dave, if you give it next time we meet (and if you don't mind waiting!).


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