Sunday, 5 July 2015

Catch-up time

Like Adam Hartley a mile or so south (see 'Catching up in Central Oxford'), we've had a couple of productive nights here in Wolvercote - Friday night in particular yielded over 260 individuals of over 80 species (final numbers to be established, I hope, in due course); and there has been a positive flood of new species for the year, and a few for the garden. I hope to catch up on the last couple of nights soon, but would like to check off a few from the previous weeks - first a few macros, then some micros.

For the former, then, there's a perhaps inevitable involvement of pugs - what I think may be a Double-striped from 21st June (forewing about 8mm); and one from the same date I'm (very) tentatively thinking might be a Yarrow Pug, though that seems prohibitively rare. Then there's a series of waves from 27th, 21st and again 27th June - I'm having trouble making them fit exactly any species I can find in the Bible, although I wouldn't be surprised if they turned out to be fairly obvious species. As ever, all advice gratefully received.

Steve and Xander Goddard

Possible Double-striped Pug, 21/6/15

Unknown pug - possibly Yarrow? - 21/6/15

Unknown Wave, 27/6/15

Unknown Wave, 21/6/15

Unknown Wave, 27/6/15


  1. Hello Steve & Xander, I agree with the first pug but will pass on the second. The next two are Dwarf Cream Wave and the last is Small Fan-footed Wave. Time to get used to the latter pair again for this year as I'm sure you'll be seeing them regularly!

  2. Many thanks for a quick reply, Dave: much appreciated!


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