Monday, 27 July 2015

Coleshill, Oxfordshire

Only managed one moth session last week, overnight on the 21st July, when I ran two MV traps at different places in the garden. The good conditions meant that by the morning there were plenty of moths in the traps and many others outside them too.

This was to be the highest total of the year so far with 1252 individuals of 97 species counted (including 219 Large Yellow Underwing, 67 Dark Arches, 143 Uncertain/Rustic agg. and 63 Heart & Dart). NFY macros were Black Arches, September Thorn, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Twenty-plume Moth and Pale Motted Willow.

Migrants included 6 Silver Y and 3 Small Mottled Willows. Hawk Moths were well represented by 7 Elephant, 8 Poplar and 1 Pine.

As ever there were some (worn) species that were more difficult to ID and it would be useful to get confirmations or corrections on my best guesses below.

Eucosma obumbratana?
Acrobasis consociella?
Phycita roborella?
 very faded Pyrausta purpuralis? - had white marks on hindwing to distinguish from P. aurata
Anania lancealis?

Olly Fox, Coleshill, Oxfordshire

PS. apologies for not including any scale bar, I realised I didn't have my ruler with me when photographing them.


  1. Hello Olly, I'd agree with all of those IDs so long as you checked the hindwings on the Pyrausta.

  2. Hi Dave, many thanks for checking these. Cheers, Olly


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