Thursday, 30 July 2015

Coleshill, Oxon.

Being unseasonably cold last night (but not, at least, too windy) meant that overall numbers were down, although I did manage to catch 49 species (35 macro & 14 micro) in the garden. Magpie and Clay Triple-lines were the only NFY macro-moths, although Purple Bar and Pale Prominent appeared again.

Some new micro-species would be useful to get confirmation on:

Helcystogramma rufescens?
Eucosma cana?
Coleophora trifolii? 
Catoptria falsella? 
Timothy Tortrix? Had grey/brown underwing
Many thanks,

Olly Fox, Coleshill, Oxfordshire


  1. I think you're right, Olly, but the rufescens looks a bit pale (but it is probably just worn) and the iridescent Coleophora should be dissected, I think. There are 3 species it could be, but it's not mayrella. The cana I wouldn't be sure about, but somebody else may be.

    1. Thanks Andrew. There were 4 H. rufescens in the trap this morning and they were all quite worn however the photograph makes it look a bit paler. I agree the Coleophora should be dissected to be sure, although I should have added that the forewing length was 8 mm which might indicate C. trifolii over the smaller relatives.

    2. Apart from the Coleophorid already mentioned, I agree with all of those IDs.

    3. Thanks Dave. I'll leave it as Colephorid sp. as they obviously require dissection to determine definitively.

  2. A clear image of the antennae would help a lot.


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