Saturday, 11 July 2015

Considerable improvements of late

Recent nights have been quite a lot better, for the most part, in Wolvercote, Oxon, with 3rd July seeing a garden record of 88 identified species (27 of them NFY, and a striking little collection of six Drinkers among them); although interestingly, the 272 individuals involved were a long way short of a record, and fit in with an overall feeling that raw numbers are down. Nights since then have been pretty good, too, and in fact 10th July looks as though it might threaten that species record -- we'll know once I've sorted out a few queries arising from it (and a few from previous nights, too).

Meanwhile, however, here are a few quite nice recent records -- the Agapeta zoegana and the Plain Golden Y (assuming we're correct in believing it to be that) are new to the garden, bringing us close to the 500-species mark on that front. It would be very nice to hit that some time this year...

Steve and Xander Goddard

Agapeta zoegana, 6/7/15

Barred Yellow, 4/7/15

Rather early Dun-bar, 6/7/15

Lilac Beauty, 3/7/15

Plain Golden Y, 6/7/15
Phoenix, 3/7/15

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