Thursday, 23 July 2015

End of summer nigh

As well as the garden looking like a desert I'm starting to get some of the species indicative of the end of summer: Square-spot Rustic and Copper Underwing have joined the mix over the last couple of nights for example. Seeing Dave's post mentioning Old Lady reminded me that I had an unusually early record of Old Lady flying around our outhouse in mid-June and have been seeing 1-3 individuals ever since that with 2 in the house one night a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps the most interesting moth of last night was a Pearly Underwing with a supporting migrant cast of Diamond-back Moth, Rush Veneer and Silver Y. Another pair of Garden Dart's and a second, smaller Toadflax Brocade also kept up the interest in an otherwise small and uninspiring catch. M Botham, Didcot

Garden Darts, 22/07/15 Didcot


  1. It was an uninspiring collection of few moths last night over here too, with only Magpie as new for the year, although Privet Hawk and Waved Black turned up (the latter my 11th in the garden this year - so obviously doing well!) and they're always nice to see. I've sometimes had my first Red Underwing of the season by now and keep looking out for them around the house in daytime but haven't seen one yet. That's another harbinger of autumn!

  2. Square-spot Rustics out? I'm depressed.


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