Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I spent a couple of hours trapping in fields near by old haunt in Fernham (VC22) last night. An impressive 100 species were recorded in this short period, including a second site record of Kent Black Arches (Meganola albula). Also taken was this fresh and rather plain Depressarid, which looks to be a good candidate for D. sordidatella.


  1. Hi Steve, two of us ran traps on some chalk down-land in the Chilterns last night (VC24) and got four Kent Black Arches (first time I've seen more than one in a session) so I imagine it is established as a resident over the east side of our three counties. We also had a Small Mottled Willow there and I had yet another at home in the garden but they're very much old news - I'm looking forward to Splendid Brocade now!

  2. If you kept the Depressarid, hand it over to Dave W and he'll put it in his mega-batch of micros for me to id. I agree, it looks a good candidate.


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