Saturday, 18 July 2015


I found this micro dead in the bottom of my trap this morning, i think its Gelechia nigra. It says its very local but with Howe Park Wood behind my garden which is full of Aspen the habitat fits.
I have taken 2 pics and still have the moth if more are needed.

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.


  1. Hello Darren, that does look very much like Gelechia nigra to me. Peter would probably prefer you to hang on to it for dissection because there are only three previous records for Bucks (all down to me, from three different aspen-rich woods here in mid-Bucks). It is probably under-recorded but it would be very useful to have a confirmed sighting from the north of the county.

  2. Thanks Dave. How and where do i send it, i will put it in the freezer for now.

  3. If you can take care of it Dave and add it to your collection for me?

    1. Yes, I'll do that. Darren, hold on to it in the freezer (and anything else that might be similarly important over the next month or two) then we'll sort out the transfer off-list. It would be useful to add a label to the pot giving the date caught in case it gets forgotten.

  4. Thank you, in freezer date recorded.


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