Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Homefield Wood again

Another survey visit to Homefield Wood near Marlow, Bucks on Monday night failed again to produce the target Blomer's Rivulet.  Clouded Magpie, which also uses wych elm, has started to emerge and its count reached double digits so I was obviously in the right area of the wood.  I think there's a good chance that Blomer's has disappeared from the site, not having been seen there since 2005.  However, so far as Bucks is concerned, it is just possible that the moth continues to reside in the area around Turville where it was seen up until 2010 at least.

The three lights were quite busy and other species seen which are worth mentioning included Mocha, Royal Mantle, Satin Beauty, Great Oak Beauty, Red-necked Footman, Kent Black Arches and Slender Brindle.  The two images below were taken at one of the lights, mainly because I think Clouded Magpie is one of those moths which always looks stunning at the trap but is a bit of a disappointment if photographed in daylight!

Clouded Magpie, Homefield Wood 6th July

Lime Hawk-moth and Satin Beauty, Homefield Wood 6th July

Amongst the micros were two particularly noteworthy species, Pseudopostega crepusculella (only about the third Bucks record) and Ethmia dodecea (which was seen at all three traps and seems to be quite well established in this area of the county).

Pseudopostega crepusculella, Homefield Wood 6th July

Ethmia dodecea, Homefield Wood 6th July

Dave Wilton 

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  1. I had an Ethmia dodecea in my garden trap last week. I am probably about 4 miles from Marlow.


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