Monday, 6 July 2015

IDs and confirmations please.

Round up from a few days. Not been too bad, had one night where daggers, sycamores and a miller all turned up together for a family get-together. Also got my first Barred Yellow - not sure how frequent they are around here.

So for id/ confirmation

 unknown1 - two pics - can't find an exact match

Small Fan-footed wave - new for me, can someone confirm

next one is I think a scarce footman - based on posture, yellow edge constant width and yellow hard and thorax.

Bird Cherry Ermine on the basis of the number of spots

Turnip Moth? didn't seem quite right but I only had one before and it might be it's posture.

 unknown 2

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Hi Mark, the two unknown micros are Ancylis achatana and Spilonota ocellana. For the others I'd go along with your suggestions, Small Fan-footed Wave, Scarce Footman, Yponomeuta evonymella and Turnip.

    I expect you'll see more of Spilonota ocellana - that black diamond shape, on top at two-thirds where the trailing edges of the wings come together, is a good feature to look for. There's one other similar moth (S.laricana, if you have larch nearby) but I'm sure your specimen is the more common ocellana.


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