Thursday, 16 July 2015

Maple Prominent

I had this Maple Prominent in the trap today and notice that it's usually in south and east England. Is the map on the UK Moth website current?. Or is this a usual sighting nowadays here in North Oxfordshire.

Steve Lockey (Garsington)

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  1. Hello Steve, that's always a very nice moth to get in the trap because it is nowhere near as common as the other prominents. The NBN maps on the UK Moths website contain the most up-to-date information available and I'm very pleased to see you using them! What they lack is a helpful 100km square grid overlay but if you study the one for Maple Prominent closely and compare it to a grid map you'll see that SP50, the 10km square which includes the City of Oxford, does appear as a red dot (half-way up the left hand side of the main population). So you are right on the edge of its current known distribution.


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