Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Micro IDs/ Confirmations please

Got replacement electrics for trap so I was able to moth again last night. Masses of mosqutioes and midges last night - with my first Scarlet Tiger of this year - lots of Riband Waves. And some micros.

The first one I have 3 pics of. First one I thought was an Argyresthia - perhaps conjugella?

Next, wanted to check this is  Hedya nubiferana?

I think the next one is Lyonetia clerkella (2 pics)

then Celypha lacunana?

finally - no idea - I thought the spurs on the wings would help but I've not been able to make a match.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Argyresthia pruniella, yes to nubiferana & clerkella. Then you have a Cnephasia and the last one is blurry, but the wings are being held like Rhopobota naevana

  2. Rhopobota naevana looks good. I can't quite figure the description in Sterling & Parsons but it it means it looks as if someone squashed the wings down for the final third causing them to crease then that's it. many thanks


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