Monday, 13 July 2015

Mursley moths

An interesting and varied catch this morning (for me) and some new for my garden which I thought I'd better check out.
Firstly, I was surprised to find this Maple Prominent. I'm used to it at Dancersend, but thought it was rather local and less likely in N. Bucks
This one I think is Wormwood Pug.
I was pleased with this one - Endotricha flamealis?
...and a rather faded Agapeta zoegana?

And can I please double-check these three - Smokey Wainscot, Engrailed and Small Ranunculus?

Many thanks
Mick Jones


  1. Hello Mick, Maple Prominent is certainly not encountered as frequently as some of its stablemates so is a good garden record. It is fairly well spread across Bucks, though, and I remember seeing it in the past at Pilch Fields and on the disused railway near Salden Wood (in 2009 when I trapped there regularly).

    Of the others, Wormwood Pug and Endotricha flammealis are correct, I'll pass on the Agapeta (a bit too worn!), Smoky Wainscot is almost certainly correct (hindwings need checking against those for Common Wainscot as per the field guide), the next is Mottled Beauty and the last is Coronet.

  2. You are getting better and better Mister Jones.

    1. Praise indeed! I still make some stupid ID errors. I'm collecting some micros for you.


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