Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Slight surprise.

I was slightly surprised to find, at my Chorleywood porch light last night, an Opostega salaciella, similar to the Pseudopostega mentioned below by Dave. I have regarded this as a species of rather more open spaces than a suburban environment. It is true that the larval foodplant, Sheep's Sorrel, exists in what is laughingly referred to as a lawn, but that's round the back of the house.
Not only is it small, it also has its eyes covered by eyecaps, shown in both photos. It is difficult to surmise why they are there.
With this moth was another:
Most moths that look like this are Cork Moths, but I'm not yet convinced and there are up to half a dozen less common alternatives. The future of this moth is not rosy....

Andy King.

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