Sunday, 19 July 2015

Westcott, Bucks

It was another large catch in the garden trap here last night (820 moths of 131 species) and tonight could surpass that.  The Hoplodrina pair (Uncertain & Rustic, which I no longer bother trying to differentiate between now they're getting quite worn) topped the list with 133 individuals, followed by Heart and Dart at 81 and Smoky Wainscot at 52.  Dark Arches and the Mesapamea pair (Common Rustic & Lesser Common Rustic) are close behind and I'm now starting to detect some possible Lesser Common Rustics amongst the latter, a couple of which have been retained for closer inspection.  As happened last year, Large Yellow Underwing is still way down the list at present but it has now been joined by all of its regular stable-mates apart from Least Yellow Underwing.  There were no new macros for the year last night but it was good to see Large Emerald, Least Carpet & Pine Hawk-moth each making their second appearances here of the season.  A late and exhausted Small Elephant Hawk-moth could be the last I see of that species which has had an exceptional year here with 118 recorded in the garden since 21st May. 

Most numerous amongst the micros last night were Chrysoteuchia culmella (51) and Yponomeuta evonymella (22).  There's evidence to suggest that some of the latter might be migrants although no other migratory species attended the trap.  The only species new for the year were Acleris aspersana and Agriphila tristella (so it will soon be time to start searching for the look-alike Agriphila selasella too).  The large Thistle Ermine Myelois circumvoluta is always a welcome sight and this was its fifth appearance this year when normally I'm lucky to get one.

Agriphila tristella, Westcott 18th July

Myelois circumvoluta, Westcott 18th July
Dave Wilton

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