Thursday, 4 August 2016

Larva, unidentified

Does anyone recognise this caterpillar basking in the sun on hawkbit at Aston Upthorpe last Sunday?  It was about 13mm long, but I didn't get a good view of its legs so I don't even know if it is a moth.


  1. It's a Pug, looks similar to a Lime-speck I had last year

  2. Hello Wendy,
    I'm pretty sure Darren's right in that it's a Pug, but I wouldn't be sure which one. None of the Pugs is said to eat just Hawkbit, but several eat a variety of flowers, including Lime-speck Pug.

  3. Thanks very much Darren and Andy,
    Having checked out various pug larvae on UKLEPS and others,I think it is more like Satyr Pug especially the top view which I also photographed. This also feeds on a variety of chalk downland plants including the hawkweeds.


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